Winter Wellness Challenge

5 weeks of accountability, healthy habits and consistency

Sign ups open Nov. 17
Challenge runs Nov. 27-Dec 31
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What's included

  • 31 days of community & accountability

  • Exclusive Facebook group

  • Customizable weekly habit tracker

  • 3 delicious and healthy recipe ideas/week in your inbox

  • Discount on future 1:1 coaching

Commit to at least 2 simple goals (add a third as a bonus!) that you can sustain for the entire five weeks so you can focus on consistency in a few areas while enjoying the season.

  • Getting at least 30 minutes of movement daily (MOVEMENT)
  • Eating 100 grams of protein/daily (PROTEIN)
  • Fruit or veggie on your plate with every meal (WHOLE FOODS)
  • 80 oz of water/day
  • 7+ hours of sleep/night

Weekly focus topics

Week 1: Creating healthy intentions

Week 2: Mindful movement

Week 3: Building a balanced plate

Week 4: Hydration & alcohol

Week 5: Setting goals for 2024

Total Cost: $31

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