Why I chose Endurance over Strength

Why I stopped chasing strength gains and started focusing on endurance…for now.

I needed a change

I’ve spent the last two years learning about the many benefits of resistance training, challenging myself with heavy weights, and seeing the way my body composition has changed with macros + lifting. But I was getting burnt out. I was hella disciplined, but I wasn’t really enjoying my time in the gym. I’m a firm believer in enjoying your workouts, even when they are part of your habits!

I did it for past-Sara

Remember those fitness tests from your elementary school days? In all the years I took them, I could NEVER run the mile. I always had to walk most of it, and it made me feel really embarrassed. I was a dancer and a cheerleader, but running did not come naturally to me – and to be honest, it still doesn’t. But I’m out here doing it, and I think I’m making elementary school Sara proud. Current-Sara is certainly proud of her efforts!

I did it for my brain

The last few months have been incredibly busy and full of SO many wonderful things. Between working full-time and growing my coaching business, my gears are always turning and my to-do list is always growing. When I’m running, all of that fades away for a little bit. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and more capable of taking on the day.

So what about lifting?

Strength training is still on my radar. I currently strength train 3x a week in addition to my 3x a week runs. Strength training supports endurance, and I’m definitely a better runner because I’m incorporating lifting every week. I’ll get back into those heavy lifts sometime. But for now, I’m really enjoying this new challenge, and it’s supporting my mind + body so well in this season of life.


Honor the season you are in right now. Challenge yourself in a way that feels fun and hard and motivating to YOU. Develop healthy habits that make you feel good about how you’re treating your body and your mind.

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