OATG: The weight just falls off when I cut out carbs

Back with another “overheard at the gym” moment for ya! Let’s deconstruct this assumption people make about carbohydrates. 🍞

“The weight just falls off when I completely cut out carbs.”

Does it really though?

Diet culture has convinced us that carbs are bad and make us fat. Well, that’s wrong. Carbs are essential to our wellbeing, and they are our main energy source! 

The weight that comes off when you cut out carbs is not true fat loss – it’s water weight. 

Read on for more info and some of my favorite carb sources. Sharing (and saving) is caring! ❤️

Scale weight will most likely decrease if you stop eating carbs. But it’s not true weight/fat loss—it’s most likely water weight. When you consume carbs, excess energy that is not being used is stored as glycogen.

Each gram of glycogen retains 3 grams of water. So yes, if you cut out carbs, you will reduce how much water your body is storing and could see the scale go down. But as soon as you add those carbs back in, the scale will go back up as your body retains the water again.

It’s science, y’all.

Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient. They are the body’s main source of energy, support your central nervous system and contribute to brain function. Your overall health WILL suffer without them! So let’s stop demonizing carbs and change the narrative for good.

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