OATG: Sugar-Free Jello

Welcome to “Overheard at the Gym,” a series where I respond to things I’ve…you get it.

“Sugar-free jello is my evening treat, I savor every single bite!”

I’m not knocking sugar-free jello at all. I actually love adding it to yogurt bowls! But let’s be honest—sugar-free jello is not a treat. It has 10 calories and 1 g of protein. That’s like saying you treat yourself to one chocolate chip every night.

Many women are scared of eating dessert because they label it as “bad” and they don’t trust themselves to eat the “right” portion. When you count macros, you can log your dessert first (I recommend something between 110 and 250 calories if you’re in a deficit) and plan lots of nutrient-dense foods through the rest of your day.

That’s right—you can have your cake and eat it, too.

To all the ladies (and gents!) out there who label dessert as BAD ❌

Guess what? It’s not. If you are consistently fueling your body with fruits, veggies, complex carbs and high-protein items throughout the day, you can eat dessert every. single. night and still reach your goals. I guarantee it.

Stop treating sugar-free jello or one tablespoon of chocolate chips or a half cup of light cool whip like a treat. We can do better. I personally enjoy a mug cake or ice cream every night! 

If you love dessert, pre-log that treat and add in lots of yummy whole foods throughout the rest of your day. No ,ore restricting, no more ignoring cravings, no more labeling foods as “bad.”

That’s the power of macros.

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