Will eating after 8 p.m. cause weight gain?

It’s time to bust a myth that you might hear around ye ole interwebs: Eating after 8 PM turns you into a pumpkin!

Oh wait, that’s not it…

But eating after 8 PM does make you gain weight, right? 


First and foremost, let’s remember that our bodies don’t operate on a strict timetable. While it’s true that your metabolism might slow down as the evening progresses, it doesn’t magically shut off at 8 PM. Our bodies are constantly processing food and burning calories, regardless of the time of day.

Here are a few reasons why it’s perfectly okay to eat after 8 PM:

  1. Total daily calories matter way more: What matters most for weight management and overall health is your total daily intake of calories and nutrients, not the specific timing of your meals. As long as you’re mindful of your portion sizes and the quality of the foods you’re consuming, eating later in the evening is totes fine.
  2. Listen to your body: It’s essential to listen to your body’s hunger and fullness cues rather than adhering to strict rules about when you can or cannot eat. If you’re genuinely hungry in the evening, there’s no reason to deny yourself a lil snack.¬†
  3. Balance your meals: Instead of fixating on the clock, focus on creating balanced meals and snacks that provide a combination of protein, fats, fiber, and carbs. This balance helps keep you satisfied and provides sustained energy throughout the day.
  4. Live your life: For many people, especially those with busy schedules or evening workouts,¬†eating after 8 PM might be necessary to refuel and support their active lifestyle. It’s essential to fuel your body adequately, regardless of the time on the clock.
  5. Get some sleep: While eating late at night might not directly impact your weight, consuming heavy, high-fat meals close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep quality. Focus on lighter, nutrient-dense options if you’re eating late and aim to allow some time for digestion before hitting the hay.

So clearly, there’s no need to fear eating after 8 PM. What’s most important is tuning into your body’s needs, making balanced food choices, and maintaining a healthy relationship with food. If you find yourself hungry in the evening, honor those hunger cues and choose options that make you feel good.

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