Tips for overeating

A few weeks back in my Instagram stories, I took a poll about what specifically you struggle with when it comes to nutrition, and a LOT of people mentioned overeating. From time to time, we’re all going to overindulge on our favorite foods, but if this is happening to you on a regular basis, it might be hindering your health goals. 

Here’s how to deal with overeating and stop the cycle for good. 

What foods do you tend to overeat?

Most of us aren’t out here overdoing it with roasted veggies, right? The foods we tend to overindulge on are typically super palatable, low in nutritious and they keep us wanting more and more until we literally feel like we’re going to burst. Our food environment is FULL of these yummy foods! If you tend to overeat on specific foods that you keep at home, it may be time to stop buying them for a little while. Chances are, you aren’t going to go out of your way to find the food if it’s not easily accessible. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Overeating at restaurants?

A lot of you mentioned that you tend to overeat when you’re dining out. Restaurant meals are typically higher in calories than food we make at home, so next time you go out, try this: As soon as your plate comes out, ask for an extra plate. Then, divide the full meal in half, and put that half on the new plate. After you finish that half, put your utensils down, drink some water and take a few moments to assess how you feel. If you’re still hungry, put a little more on your plate. Take the rest home for leftovers when you feel satisfied! 

Is there protein on your plate?

Of all the macros, protein is the most satiating (aka filling). Every time you have a meal or a snack, try to get some protein on your plate. You’ll feel a lot more satisfied and you’re less likely to rifle through the pantry for another snack with this trick. 

Overeating + alcohol?

Alcohol makes us reach for those salty, snacky things because our bodies are literally searching for a sponge to soak up the booze. Avoid drinking alcohol late at night, and if you’re going to have a drink, make sure to eat some protein and other nutritious food before you start sipping (or with your meal). You’ll feel more satisfied overall. Having 1-2 drinks instead of 3-4 can also help with those snacky tendencies.

I hope these tips and tricks stay top of mind for you!

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