How to spot an ineffective diet

Diets don’t have to feel like torture. 

Are they super fun? Not necessarily, but effective diets also shouldn’t make you feel like you’re dying inside. 

Let’s go over a few ways to spot ineffective diets:

Super low calorie goals

I’ve had clients come to me saying they were with coaches that had them dieting at 900 or 1,100 calories. Nooooo! Not only is this intake amount incredibly unsustainable, but it’s pretty unhealthy and could lead to hormone issues. Everyone’s caloric needs differ based on age, weight, height, activity level, etc. but anything under 1,200 should stick out as a red flag. 

Cutting out particular food groups

NO sugar. NO bread. NO fries. NO fun. Unless you have a diagnosed health issue or you know that certain foods make you feel bad, there’s no need to cut any food group out of your life. The key to fat loss is being in a calorie deficit, and if you can fit a little sugar, some bread and the occasional small fry into your calories, then go for it! 

Unrealistic exercise goals 

Does cardio help you burn more calories? Of course! But if a diet you’re looking into encourages you to run for an hour every day on the treadmill, hit 20k steps a day and incorporate six days of weightlifting, hold the phone! There’s no need to add a ton of exercise when you diet. Some people do like to increase cardio during a fat loss phase, but keep it moderate! Try adding one or two thirty-minute cardio sessions on the bike, treadmill, elliptical or another cardio machine/class of your choice. 

If you’re looking for a realistic diet that you can sustain, let’s chat! I have 1:1 spots open for macro coaching to help you reach your goals without feeling tortured. 

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