High protein items for your grocery cart

The key to eating more protein: having more of it on hand throughout the week! Here are a few of my staples. Add these to your grocery cart during your next shopping trip!

Plain greek yogurt: I add fruit, nut butter and granola for a balanced snack! Get nonfat yogurt so you can control the amount of fat that you’re adding.

Low-fat cottage cheese: To add to my egg-white bites, dinner recipes and eat as a snack with a carb source. Good Culture is the best, hands down.

Egg whites: The kind in the carton. These are pure protein, baby! I recommend having one whole egg and adding anywhere from 100-200 grams of egg whites, whisking together and scrambling or making an omlette.

Lean meat: Turkey, chicken, pork loin, white fish and shrimp are all excellent sources of high protein with lower fat content.

Other things I don’t buy weekly but always have on hand: Protein powder and protein bars! My favorite powders are Clean Simple Eats and my favorite bars are Healthy Eating on the Go.

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