Here’s why you should stop saying “I fell of the wagon”

You didn’t fall off the wagon (again)

When you begin to reframe your mindset and realize that there is no wagon or final destination for your health journey, you’ll stop beating yourself up for every little bump in the road. 

You don’t have to wait until Monday to “start over.” You don’t have to let one bad choice lead to another. Be present, be mindful and realize that you’re the one in control on this continuous journey. 

Falling off the wagon fosters an all-or-nothing mindset

    It implies that you have to get back on and start over if you had an indulgent meal or missed a workout. But in reality, those moments are just part of your journey.

    It suggests there is a final destination

    These habits you’re working on and the actions you’re taking are creating a lifestyle. The destination isn’t a certain number on the scale. Your health is a continuous journey.

    It implies that someone else is in control

    Who’s steering your wagon? Remember that you’re the one in charge of your choices and how you choose to spend your time each day.

    The wagon doesn’t exist

    So get off and walk. Building a healthy lifestyle takes dedication, consistency, patience and grace. Stop telling yourself that you’re messing up and have to “start over” every Monday and learn to enjoy the journey.

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