5 reasons fat loss isn’t working for you

Before you get all huffity puffity and tell me fat loss isn’t working for you, take a step back and evaluate these things. Be honest with yourself.

Fat loss is a phase that we want to enter and complete with intention so we can get it done and get back to maintenance. It’s going to be endlessly frustrating if you’re sabotaging yourself by neglecting to log BLTs, drinking a lot or tracking your food inaccurately because you’re going to feel like you’re working hard in most areas but not seeing the results you’ve hoped for. 

Keep these in mind during your next fat loss phase, and if you need some help, I’ve got you!

Reason #1: you’re not logging bites, licks and tastes.

those tasty morsels add up – they could be pulling you out of your deficit!

Reason #2: you aren’t consistent.

this might look like perfection during the week and going crazy on the weekends. No, it doesn’t “even out.”

Reason #3: you’re not using a food scale.

Tablespoons, cups, etc. are not nearly as accurate as a food scale and are often inflated.

Reason #4: you’re putting a lot of macros toward alcohol.

That nightly glass of wine could be the culprit

Reason #5: you’re not eating enough.

It’s true! Sometimes more food is the key to fat loss if you’re a chronic undereater

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