How to find exercise you actually enjoy

Do you ever feel confused about what type of exercise you should or shouldn’t be doing? It’s easy to dive into a rabbit hole of Instagram reels that promise toned muscles without picking up a weight or posts that tell you why cardio will kill you.

Tune all that out for a second and ask yourself: What type of exercise do you genuinely enjoy?

Weightlifting, cardio, yoga, swimming, walking, etc…they all have their place. But if you’re miserable during every exercise session, why do it at all? 

Here are some tips and tricks for determining an exercise routine that works for you. 

1. Commit to what you can stick to. 
We all go through different seasons of life, and not every season is ideal for every activity. The important thing is to consistently move your body. Doesn’t really matter how you do it, just get up and MOVE as often as you can throughout the week, and keep doing it. Aiming for 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is a great guideline.

2.¬†Change it up…or don’t
Some people thrive when they change up their workout routines throughout the week. Other people do better with a prescribed routine that happens at the same time and place. If your goal is to just move your body and create healthy habits, it’s totally OK to change up your workout. But if your goal is building muscle or training for a race, keep the change minimal and follow a training schedule, or work with a coach. This all comes down to your goals – and only you can decide what they are!

3. It’s OK to be uncomfortable.¬†
Exercise that induces change within our bodies isn’t always comfortable. Lifting heavy weights is hard. Running a little faster is hard. Getting up early to workout is hard. Sometimes, your activity of choice might be uncomfortable as you push to get better, and that’s OK. If you’re in pain, then it’s time to reconsider the activity or take a rest day, but remember that discomfort does not equal pain.

I hope you make time to exercise in a way that you enjoy this week. If you need help determining the right workouts for your goals, let me know!

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