With a macro coach you can

Reach your goals
Gain Confidence
Find Food Freedom

    With a macro coach, you can

    Improve Your Relationship

    To food and to your body

    Maintain your weight loss

    Instead of struggling to keep it off

    Have a Life

    And reach your goals
    "Working with Sara who helped me get through all the road blocks. If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve thrown in the towel at any moment life didn’t go as planned."
    Elsa M.
    Working with Sara has taught me so much about my body and what I’m putting in it. She makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and helps me acknowledge my wins, even when I have bad days. She’s super supportive and I love the guidance that she provides. I’m excited to continue to make positive steps in my health journey with her by my side!
    Jordan D.
    Working with Coach Sara on my macro journey has been absolutely wonderful! She's made tracking my macros and calories an approachable process that I've been able to stick with. My main goal right now is fat loss, so we've been focusing on tracking my protein and calories and are working towards monitoring other macros once I have those two down. Her consultation call was really helpful because she took the time to not only learn about my goals when it came to macros, but we talked in depth about my daily routine, my exercise habits, how I spend my weekends, where I've had challenges with food/exercise in the past and more. She also gave me tips on managing my hypothyroidism through food and the importance of getting enough fats to help support the function of my thyroid. She is so encouraging and always asks for non-scale victories which has helped me to stay motivated, even when I eat a little too much on the weekend or don't quite hit my macros for a day. Her weekly journal has helped me to stay accountable, but it has been easy to manage. Additionally, her weekly notes are really helpful and she's always available for random questions that have come up along the way. I'd recommend Coach Sara to anyone! She's a pleasure to work with, so encouraging and has been helping me to crush my goals.
    Kallie A.

      The Benefits of One-on-One Macro Coaching

      Your body is unique, so your plan will be too!

      Custom Macros &
      Personal Tracking

      We'll use all the data available to meet your goals.

      Weekly Feedback &
      Check-In Calls

      We'll celebrate your non-scale victories and adjust as needed.

      24/7 Support
      When you need it

      From big questions to little frustrations, I'm always available to chat with you!

      About Me

      • I listen to how you're feeling and encourage you in your macro journey
      • I help you set realistic and attainable goals
      • I'll tell you when it's time to buckle down and stay focused
      • I'll give you a break if you need it
      • I empower you to make confident food choices.
      • I won't give you a cookie-cutter plan
      • I'll teach you to maintain your weight loss


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